Belcan’s systems and software division delivers outcome-based solutions over the entire product life cycle. Some of our focus areas include product systems, test systems, verification and validation, and industrial internet and engineering analytics. Our software engineering analytics services improve a system’s uptime and lower total ownership costs. This is why clients have relied on our systems, software services for more than a half-century.


Requirements & Analysis

From system specifications and requirements to design and aftermarket support, Belcan will accelerate your time-to-market while ensuring continued improvement and support over the product life cycle. At Belcan we understand that this step is critical to the success of your new product.

Architecture & Design

Belcan comes with extensive experience in the development of large systems. We can help you create a unifying architecture to identify and correct problems early on in the design process. We also find solutions that lead to cost-effective, accelerated testing of complex industrial systems.

Software Engineering

Our team includes some of the most experienced members of the software development community. We can provide on-site staff augmentation, off-site work package/subsystem development, or complete stand-alone system development with oversight and minimal customer overhead.


Verification & Validation

Our verification and validation procedures ensure we meet all needed specifications as well as your expectations. Meeting critical verification and validation milestones without compromising quality is a key enabler for ensuring rapid certification of aerospace and industrial products.

Lab & Field Testing

Belcan’s highly experienced associates coupled with proven processes and tools enable high quality execution of both lab and field test plans.

Enterprise Integration

Over time, systems can grow in complexity. Making sure they are integrated and interconnected can be a mission-critical concern. Our integration approach includes early warning alerts about your network’s health that can mean the difference between profit and loss.


Product Support

Whether it’s legacy products, current products, upgrades, or routine or proactive maintenance, we have the solution to meet your needs. Belcan will provide post-release support for products via streamlined MRO solutions through a combination of highly trained associates, tools, and processes.

Supply Chain Support

Belcan offers a wide range of supply chain support services spanning the manufacturing and supply chain spectrum. Nearly six decades of comprehensive design engineering experience gives us the unique ability to combine manufacturing engineering and supply chain support with component-based design engineering knowledge in order to deliver integrated solutions to our clients.

Predictive / Prescriptive Maintenance

Belcan has extensive experience in preventing or mitigating damage to expensive and safety-critical products. Predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions reduce maintenance costs while maintaining reliability. Predicting failure of critical systems can also help sustain productivity while avoiding extended down time.

Why Clients Choose Us

Domain Knowledge

50+ years in industry

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Agile Development

iterative development to provide continuous value delivery

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Global Execution Team

support across time zones

Belcan Test Infrastructure

capability to conduct standalone test beds


compressing engineering, manufacturing & supply chain schedules and costs

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Belcan-Managed Team

low drag to customer

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Trusted, Compliant & Vigilant Protection of Data

utilize customer specified and industry standard security protocols

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Outcome-Based Solutions Over Entire Product Life Cycle

deliver results