Sustaining & Aftermarket:
Sustaining & Aftermarket

Product Support

Belcan’s product support engineers cover several industries including aviation, rail, energy, oil, gas, and heavy equipment. We provide comprehensive MRO support to OEMs and equipment operators in the area of asset optimization – including supply chain optimization and intelligent analytics – that reduce shop visits and unplanned events.

Obsolescence Management

As new technologies and inventions emerge, others become obsolete. Addressing obsolescence proactively can cost less than an unavoidable product redesign. Belcan employs experts to minimize the financial impact of obsolescence by evaluating families of parts for standardization and using analytics to optimize your inventory

Technical Inspection

Belcan provides field engineering services to monitor complex equipment in service. Through state-of-the-art analytics tools – as well as associated equipment – we can monitor equipment remotely, examine trends, and predict failures in order to minimize equipment down time.

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