Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Today, clients must overcome unprecedented manufacturing and supply chain complexities and also meet customer demands and financial obligations. Belcan has nearly 60 years of experience solving these exact issues. We offer a wide range of supply chain services spanning the industrial manufacturing and supply chain spectrum.


Sourcing Support

Appropriate sourcing support can result in cost savings as well as increased ROI. From supplier discovery to establishing sourcing practices, Belcan will guide you throughout the sourcing process. We offer a wide variety of sourcing support services including source identification, “should” costing, bid support, and more.

Direct Procurement Operations & Planning

Reducing or eliminating inefficiencies in procurement can lead to significant cost savings. Belcan’s staff has more than 200 combined years of experience in the manufacturing and procurement disciplines. We can provide procurement and planning for a large test rig or monitor the manufacturing of a single piece of hardware.

Supplier Quality

Quality begins by using high-quality products from trusted suppliers. Our supplier on-site audits ensure suppliers can meet your stringent requirements. Supplier certifications can also be an important part of a comprehensive quality assurance strategy. Our suite of quality assurance services also includes APQP, PPAP, FAIR, and LAIR.



Quality Assurance

Ensuring high quality of both internal manufacturing and external suppliers is key to delivering a high-quality product. Our source inspections ensure materials meet all requirements. Root cause analysis also allows us to uncover root faults or problems that can be prevented with corrective action. Our suite of quality assurance services also includes APQP, PPAP, FAIR, and LAIR.

Manufacturing Process Support

Inefficiencies in the manufacturing process can add up and significantly impact the bottom line. Belcan provides manufacturing process support to meet the specific demand for a product while also sticking to specific standards, quality, and budget. Our services include manufacturing capability assessments, assembly planning, machine design and automation, tool design, and the development of work instructions.


Delivering on time, on budget, and meeting all required specifications repeatedly requires planning expertise. From capital expenditure planning to lean value stream mapping, Belcan has experts with decades of experience that can help you develop a customized plan to meet your needs.


Maintenance & Repair

Belcan’s maintenance and repair services group has significant experience in the aerospace, industrial, heavy equipment, and power generation markets. We provide outsourced engineering solutions to a variety of both commercial and military customers. Our services can augment traditional engineering, product/customer support, and manufacturing organizations.

Spares Management

Managing a spare part inventory for highly complex products involving hundreds of parts can be challenging. At Belcan we know it’s important to have the right part at the right time. We offer a variety of services including MRO scheduling, sourcing support and quality, and schedule tracking and expediting.


At Belcan we know that rapid repair or replacement is key to keep your business going and satisfy your customers. We offer various services including warranty administration of your products, management of all repair documentation, customer support, and spare parts management.

Why Clients Choose Us


Deep Domain Expertise

50+ years in industry, 650+ supply chain professionals


Productivity-Enabling Tools and Assets

manufacturing walk-up tool, workflow tools


Global Execution Team

support across time zones, substantial Six-Sigma & Lean Certification


Entire Product Life Cycle

design, manufacture, service


Belcan-Managed Team

low drag to customer


Flexible Staffing Models

ability to quickly ramp up and down


Vigilant Protection of Data

utilize customer specified and industry standard security protocols


Outcome-Based Solutions

deliver results