Belcan offers a diverse portfolio of services for the federal government. We understand the challenges facing this market in recent years: decreased funding, a strong need for protection of sensitive data and information, an ongoing need for asset modernization, and the complexity of managing the accumulation of legacy and next-generation technologies. By understanding this complex market and partnering with our customers, we are able to deliver services that meet our client’s specific needs.

Belcan and its partners maintain a wide variety of contract vehicles at various Federal Civilian Agencies, the Department of Defense, and Intelligence Agencies. These are a mix of prime contract vehicles, IDIQs, and BPAs. These contract vehicles allow purchasing officers to integrate innovative services with ease, affordability, and speed.


Identify, Monitor & Manage Risk Across the Enterprise
Your mission is securing our nation’s vital information. Our mission is to understand how your information moves, who has access to it and who shouldn’t. We build you a proactive continuous plan to identify and remediate your systems vulnerabilities. Our team of subject matter experts (SMEs) have a strong performance record in:

Cyber & Information Assurance
We know how to keep systems compliant with NIST, FISMA, FIPS, ISO and/or SOX, and fully compliant with both DITSCAP and DIACAP requirements.

Managed Support Services
We use ITIL procedures in an ITSM-compliant environment to provide world-class service desk support to both commercial and Government clients. We have experience with Remedy, ServiceNow and second-tier software systems to provide very high first-call closure rates and low repeat call requirements.

Network & Systems Engineering
We provide expertise in advanced Cloud Computing and Network Architecture initiatives throughout multiple Federal networks and several commercial aerospace firms. We’ve implemented Network Access Control solutions to bring dramatic improvements in both user and device security, while applying traffic engineering and load-sharing mechanisms within the network to make better use of existing circuit bandwidth and enhance the user’s experience.

Software Development

IT Strategy & Policy


Rapid Development of Innovative Analytics Delivered through a Systematic Approach
Our team of recognized scientists and engineers dedicated to meeting your national security objectives. We have experience in research, development of theoretical constructs, systems design, hardware development, modeling and simulation, systems integration, field testing and deployment of systems. Our areas of experience and proven performances are in:

Directed Energy
Missile Defense
Space Systems
Additive Manufacturing
Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)
Laser/Optics R&D
Electro-Optics Tools
Rapid Prototyping
Modeling and Simulation
Risk Studies & Assessment


Enabling Informed Decisions with Our Strategic Management Approach to T&E and Analysis
Our team brings technical, functional and program management expertise necessary for exceptional operations. This includes intricate understanding of the mission space and end user concerns.

Our Scientific, Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) professionals help develop an integrated operating environment. Results include enhanced information sharing, analytical capabilities, training, exercise, program assistance and technical outreach. We have proven track records in:

Risk Studies & Assessment
Engineering Consulting
Process Consulting
Strategic Consulting


Our team comprises some of the brightest scientists, engineers, technicians and administrative staff. Their backgrounds include nuclear engineering and physics, nuclear and analytical chemistry, polymer and materials science and a vast range of other advanced fields.

We specialize in providing components and complex assemblies at the millimeter to centimeter scale with sub-micron tolerances. Our designs and builds are customer specified fixturing and component manipulation and testing equipment. Exciting areas of research we are currently conducting are:

Precision Engineering
Particle Analysis
Material Science
Micro Materials
Mass Spectrometry
Characterization & Metrology
Directed Energy
Managed Facilities: Certification & Clean Rooms

Why Clients Choose Us

Deep Domain Expertise

25+ years at National Labs, 18+ years in Foreign Affairs Community

Critical Hard-to-Find Talent


Path 11

Global Enterprise Solutions

Support for world-wide enterprise, OCONUS support

Mature Delivery Processes

ITIL, ISO 9001:2015 CMMI Level 3

Group 10

Leading-edge Solutions

Cloud migration and security, CDM, IPv6, TIC

Critical Defensive Cybersecurity

Identity management, network enclaving, patching, anti-virus, EMSEC

Strategic Advisor

Consult at CIO level, security assessment, organizational maturity

Performance-Based Solutions

SLAs, metric driven continuous improvement, deliver results