New Horizons

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Belcan is incorporated in Hyderbad, India. A small site will be setup to develop the operation until the formal site is open in the second quarter of 2016

Opened TechServices ATC office in Doncaster, England

  • GE Aviation awarded Belcan a PDE Contract (Product Definition Engineering)

Opened West Palm Beach office for Pratt & Whitney

  • Purchased ATC in Bristol and Derby, England
  • Created staffing franchise

TechServices offices opened in Charleston, WV, and Pittsburgh

  • Established partnering relationship with Eli Lilly
  • TechServices moved to their own accounting system
  • GE Aviation Blanket Purchase Order started
  • Anderson Way building expansion
  • Engineering operation started in Indianapolis for Allison
  • BGP formed to service Proctor & Gamble
  • Northland Building purchased
  • TechServices office opened in Cleveland, OH
  • Opened TechServices office in New Orleans
  • Kemper East & West buildings opened
  • Opened TechServices office in Charleston, WV
  • Anderson Way building opened
  • First engineering computer system (Calma Graphics Workstation) adopted by Belcan
  • Ge Aviation tooling design work began in Montgomery Road office
  • Test of single cylinder Giesel Engine Systems

Ralph G. Anderson led Allstate’s Indianapolis office for Allison.