At Belcan our focus is on engineering better outcomes. We aim to earn your trust and provide you with superior quality—quality engineering, quality resources, and quality solutions. We know that engineering needs can vary from month to month and product to product. Our size, expertise, and flexibility allows us to quickly provide the solutions you need to design, improve, and support any product.

Chemical & Energy

chemical energy facility

With more than 60 years of experience working in the chemical and energy industries, our extensive expertise, streamlined processes, and global low-cost engineering options enable us to deliver complete solutions. Belcan’s chemical and energy expertise covers combustion and steam turbines, balance of plant equipment, and instrumentation and control (I&C) systems for oil and gas, fossil, nuclear, and renewables.

Life Sciences & Medical Equipment

life sciences

Today’s market requires equipment that is both safe and compliant with strict regulatory standards. Belcan has collaborated with global companies to develop robotic products, digital endoscopes, eyewear, thermal systems, complex databases, and more. Belcan’s engineers are experts at designing and creating high-performance equipment that meets ISO, FDA, EMA, and other standards. We can help you achieve certification in various countries.

Heavy Equipment

heavy construction equipment

Heavy equipment needs to operate in harsh weather conditions while still maintaining the operator’s safety. Belcan’s heavy equipment design centers have an extensive history of developing both rugged and safe products for major on- and off-highway equipment OEMs. Our specialty services include diesel emission updates, hydraulic line routing, harness routing, harness prototyping/short run production, development of electrical schematics, and the creation of embedded software. We also have extensive expertise in design, analysis, documentation, and quality control.

Transportation & Automotive

Belcan’s experience includes the design and improvement of automotive, rail, and on-highway parts and processes. Our expertise includes the design and validation of highway equipment. We also have the knowledge to assist with on-highway software, controls, diesel engine packaging, and emissions controls. We can analyze your existing manufacturing procedures and find ways to make them more unique or develop new processes that allow you to quickly and efficiently bring a new product to market.

Consumer Products

led light consumer products

Belcan’s team of engineers can guide you from concept to prototype production and from real-world testing to manufacturing. We can also develop prototypes—both computer-generated or physical models—to assist in product visualization and early verification of requirements. For nearly 60 years we have established streamlined processes, best practices, and the design of manufacturing systems to meet your unique production needs. We possess the well-rounded experience to get your product to market on time, on budget, and on spec.

Land & Sea Based Defense

With more than 20 years of experience in Department of Defense projects, Belcan has a reputation for providing unrivaled technical services to land- sea-based defense contractors. We support the technical requirements of major gas turbine OEMs through their entire product processes including design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. Our ability to support defense contractors ranges from non-classified and ITAR to FBI clearance levels.